About Ron Knerem

     I care about people and empowering and inspiring them. That's my inspiration for all images I produce! Visual communication evokes an emotion, and in the professional world, an image is the first impression that matters most.

     I started out photographing bands at concert venues throughout northeast Ohio. The powerful imagery and emotion produced from concerts inspired me to pursue Graphic Design and Photography in College. I worked at a design firm for 2 years, I could do the work but was bored!    
     So, I moved on to work at a Professional Portrait studio in Solon, Ohio. After one year, I managed the studio and did everything but write the checks! My experience grew as well as my inspiration. When 5 years were up I ventured to build my own foundation in the photography world.

I am now here in Los Angeles, California to create, capture, and  deliver outstanding service and quality of visual imaging today.

    When you get to know me you'll find I have a big heart for people, as I've said  I desire to empower people.  I work with multiple non-profit organizations to help accomplish this goal. One I work closely with for photography empowers women to be free from human trafficing...


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